Sunday, November 14, 2010


We are back home. Now we are really all overwhelmed with the amount of clutter we have here. Now, especially, since we are going to be getting Kai's kitten very soon.

So, I work better from a list. I don't need to do the whole list at once, but it helps me from going about things in that crazy dizzy spin that can happen to me. Now there are several lists to be made. One for crafts. One for things to do now. One for things that need to be done, but not necessarily now. One for Christmas gifts.

How many of you out there use lists? How often? All the time? Just wondering :)

Now, as far as Christmas goes. I love to give, so this is my favorite season. However, I need to be able to mail gifts easily from state to state. This year, especially, I will have to pair down my gift size and fragility to match what we can do in mailing.

That means the mini origami boxes are out. It also means the yarn ball ornaments are out. Maybe I'll have to do something completely different than what I had thought of at first! Time will tell. I think my friend Kat had something on her blog that would work very, very well...and so I will think more on it.

We are *home*. Wish we had Beth and Em here with us. Then it would be perfect. However, we are here. The place looks completely different now that the leaves are all gone and the clouds are here. I love rain. Now I just need to buy some rain gear for all of us so we can actually *live* in the rain! Also need some warm things knitted up. Which brings me back to the lists...

Next time I get a chance to be on here, I'll write about our experiences on the road for the two and a half weeks we traveled. We had so much fun!